Canyoning in Spain
The Sierra de Guara - Pyrenees

A Typical Day...

 Every morning we prepare picnic lunches and seal them in waterproof containers. These containers are then inserted into special bags that drain water and act as floats during the canyon’s swimming passages.

The departure is usually around 9:30am, either by car (up to 1 hour drive) or directly on foot. The approach hike varies between 15 mins and 1h30. We hike in T-shirt and shorts, and carry our wetsuit, water bottle, and waterproof container in a backpack. We will use the same footwear for the approach and in the canyon.

Once at the canyon, we put on wetsuits, store personal belongings in the waterproof containers, and away we go !!!

Our route follows the riverbed whatever its course ... and a dip quickly proves inevitable. The water is often cool ... but the sun is Spanish hot!

Canyon Peonera
Canyon Balces

In landscapes both grandiose and unusual, the route will alternate between walking, swimming, jumps (always optional) and slides, punctuated with shouts and wild laughter. Passing certain obstacles requires simple rope descent techniques called "rappelling". Your guide will teach correct rappelling technique to ensure your safety, confidence, and the proper use of equipment when it’s your turn.

Snack break is either at the entrance, the exit, or in the canyon itself, depending on the difficulty of the route and the pace of the group. It allows a true moment of relaxation, complete with a swim, sunbathing, and even -why not? - a nap.

The full canyoning route takes between 3 and 5 hours depending on the canyon.

Then, rid of the wetsuits, we return to the village of Alquezar around cocktail hour. You will be able to recount the day’s adventures while seated at one of the many outdoor cafe patios with a glass of muscatel and a plate of tapas.

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