Canyoning in The Sierra de Guara
Discovery Trips
Sample Schedule

2 days/1 night - 3 days/2 nights
4 days/3 nights - 5 days/4 nights

Day 1- Begin at 9am at our accommodations where we gather equipment and depart for the Lower Rio Vero, emblem of the Sierra de Guara. Free from technical difficulties, the main interest of this aquatic hike lies in the beauty of the route and the mysterious and contemplative journey of its titanic boulders.

Day 2- San Martin ravine - a descent off the beaten path. Ideal for familiarizing yourself with some of the surprises encountered in a canyon: eddies, waterfalls, small jumps, boulder fields, all in the breathtaking scenery of Rio Alcanadre. Then back to Alquezar to return equipment and say goodbyes to our two-day guests around 5pm.

Day 3- Estrechos de Fornazos, or Peonera Canyon. On the lower reaches of the Alcanadre, this is the most playful canyon of the Sierra de Guara. The most popular too. It is a must-see natural water park and your guide has more than one trick up his sleeve to keep it interesting. Then back to Alquezar to return equipment and say goodbyes to our three-day guests around 5pm.

Day 4- Les Oscuros de Balces. You will fall in love at first sight of the final passage, nature's cathedral, where the Sierra de Guara gives free rein to its excess. Then back to Alquezar to return equipment and say goodbyes to our four-day guests around 5pm.

Day 5- Canyon du Formiga. Under the stoic flight of Egyptian and griffon vultures, an almost uninterrupted progression of jumps, rappels, and natural water slides. All the ingredients are there to make this a powerfully proportioned cocktail of pleasure. Then back to Alquezar to return equipment and say goodbyes around 5pm.
NB: This schedule is provided as only an indication. The guide reserves the right to modify the order or contents without notice depending on the group's general technical proficiency, the makeup and duration of participants, in case of inclement weather, or if required for safety.

Equipment to Bring

For the canyon:
- A pair of sneakers or non-leather hiking boots for water and the approach hike
- T-shirts and sunhat or cap for sun protection
- Swimsuit
- Sunglasses
- Strap or retaining cord for eyeglasses
- Swimming goggles or diving mask for contact lens wearers and underwater landscape enthusiasts
- Water bottle
- pocket knife
- Sunblock
- Band-aids/Elastoplast 5cm and Compeed “blister plasters” for the prevention and treatment of blisters
- Work gloves (“gants mapa”) to protect against rock abrasion.
- Waterproof camera (can be disposable).

For life in town:
- Warm clothes for the night (sweater, fleece, jeans ...)
- Spare Shoes
- Windbreaker or shell jacket
- Toiletries, personal medicaions
- flashlight

Equipment provided by Sudaventure:
- Technical equipment for canyoning: wetsuits, helmets, special bags, waterproof containers and where appropriate, body harnesses and ropes.
- First aid supplies

Helpful Information

"FUENTE" package: 2 days 1 night
"BARRANCO" package: 3 days and 2 nights
"GUARA" package: 4 Days and 3 Nights
"CONDOR" package: 5 Days and 4 Nights

Duration is the only difference between the four packages above. All packages are easy to moderate difficulty, for all members of the public. Recommended minimum age: 12 years (*).
The daily approach/exit hikes range from 100 to 400m (approx 1/10th to 1/4th mile), and take 15 min to 1 hr 30 min.
The route through the canyon takes between 3 and 5 hours. It alternates between walking, swimming, and easy obstacle crossings. In some canyons we may use ropes to get around rock outcroppings. Do not panic !!! We are here to help you and ensure your safety. You will be surprised: most participants ask for more!
It is essential to be able to swim for about fifty meters.
(*) The young are often naturals "like fish in water." Slides, jumps, rappelling -- nothing intimidates them. They are insatiable! The main problem the guides face is that the approach hike, despite beautiful scenery, is not as fun as the canyon itself. For children this can be boring, dull their enthusiasm, and seem like grunt work. On the other hand, wetsuits once poorly adapted to small frames, now offer the same comfort as adult versions. The age minimum is therefore not so much a problem, as it is of motivations faced with route constraints.

Lunch/snack food and technical equipment in special bags provided by us.

State-certified canyoning guides, French or Spanish.

Maximum Group Size:
Groups limited to 8 people maximum per guide, as required by the Sierra de Guara Nature Park. This small number of participants offers a comfortable and high quality experience.

Meeting Time and Place:
Day 1, 9am at “l'Albergue Rural de Guara”: 0033 974 318 396 / 0033 620 956 978
Possibility to book additional nights and meals (extras) if you plan to arrive a day early or stay a day later.

In case of emergency:
At the meeting time, use Sudaventure’s mobile number: 0033 6 75 73 21 50

The package:
The package includes lodging accommodations, meals, technical equipment for canyoning, as well as instruction. It does not include drinks, sightseeing trips, extras ...

Further Reading (french):
- “Descentes de Canyons dans le Haut Aragon”, Patrick GIMAT & J.P. PONTROUE, Edisud.
- “Le grand guide des Pyrénées”, Editions Milan.

Maps (french):
- “Espagne Nord-Est & Baléares”, Carte Michelin n° 443
- “Parc de la Sierra et des Canyons de Guara” au 1/40 000, Editorial Pyreneo

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